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An account of the miraculous powers of gJapanese Tochukasoh

gA drowning man catches at a straw.h Most of the people coming to us say like this. We also are conducting our research accommodating whole sincerity in our hearts just thinking that geven acting like a straw is much, if we can do a little ch

It was in 1968 when Mr. Nobuo and Mrs. Remiko Yahagi, the founders of our company, while working as chemists at a hospital started the research of the Japanese Tochukaso and other greatly useful microbes. It was due to the fact that they had been looking at the state of the distressed patients of the life-style related diseases, like cancer, and upon that, getting even more distressed after using the chemically synthesized drugs. It was also due to the thinking that, for such patients, it is indispensable to search for something among the natural substances that can conquest against such dangerous diseases, while leaving no bad side effects behind.

Starting from nothing, it was just a series of adversities and difficulties until about 17 years back, when we could gain a state of commercializing something as a product. In this way, glike a straw,h we are now in a state to be of a little service despite our very poor abilities. It is only recently that we are receiving very frequent happy and warming reports from the people who got their health recovered after using our Japanese Tochukaso extract (named as gYahagi Extracth). Though it is slow but the circle is positively expanding.

Moreover, starting with the Tohoku University and the Kanazawa University of Japan, the combined research with the other research organizations has also started bearing fruits. The significant cancer controlling effects of the Japanese Tochukasofs active elements (Cordycepin, Ergosterol peroxide, Polysaccharide etc.) have been verified and their degree of effectiveness is clearly known through the animal experiments.

In this homepage, we have disclosed the information about this strange thing as much as we could. Please have a look through the contents and never hesitate to send a mail regarding any worries about your health, any queries about the Japanese Tochukaso and any information about its active substances etc.

We cannot achieve very broad and sophisticated mass media advertising capabilities because our financial resources are all diverted to the research and development of the products with a motto of gStandard Safety and Authentic Products to Your Doors.h And surely this attitude is not going to change even in future.

For us, the voices of the people who tried our products and recovered their health are more encouraging than anything else. Even now, we hope to be of some service like ga strawh for many of you who are still distressed with such diseases.



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